Managed Detection and Response Services

Around-the-clock expert monitoring to defend against threats and stop attackers in their tracks

You’ve got valuable data. Naturally, other people want it. Organized criminals. Nation states. Someone just trying to prove a point. The list goes on and on. But do your resources?

With Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response services, finding the time, talent, and technology to expertly detect and respond to breaches isn’t your problem—it’s ours. That’s right: Our team will provide 24/7 detection and response in your environment. Which means your organization can finally have everything it needs to stay safe, without actually taking on anything more. Just think of us as your army of cyber guardians.

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Our team of experts is ready to detect and respond to known and unknown threats in your environment.

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Our managed detection and response services is more than just a SOC

Many Security Operations Centers (SOCs) only focus on known threats, which means as threats evolve, incidents can go undetected and unmitigated for months or even years, allowing attackers to get comfy within an environment and wreak havoc. To detect and respond to both known and unknown threats quickly and thoroughly, Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response team members combine their personal expertise with our leading incident detection and user behavior analytics technology, InsightIDR.

Out of the great unknown

Great incident detection and response is more than what you know—it’s knowing what you don’t know too. Unlike other SOCs and managed security services, Managed Detection and Response incorporates four distinct methodologies to detect and validate threats before they’re reported with a nearly zero percent false positive rate:

  1. Threat intelligence to automate threat detection and response.
  2. User behavior analysis to detect insider threats and stolen credentials.
  3. Attacker behavior analysis to automate decision-making.
  4. Hunting methodology to identify unknown threats.

A security plan as unique as your organization

Your Managed Detection and Response team provides incident detection and response on applications, endpoints, and assets within your organization, including those in the cloud. What’s that look like for you? A Rapid7 Threat Assessment Manager works with your team for the first 30 days to understand your environment and make informed recommendations around identifying and assigning priorities. You will continue to meet with your Threat Assessment Manager monthly to ensure your plan is evolving with your needs. This initial 30 days combined with regular monitoring and hunting enables the team to detect and respond to threats quicker. And if we do find something, your team has a one-hour SLA for notifying you.

We’re ready to pivot, so you’re ready to respond

With Managed Detection and Response, you’re always prepared to deal with cyber threats. If there is an incident, such as a breach, the team is ready to pivot from detection to respond and act, and will work closely with you to create a remediation plan tailored to your organization.

Get to know your (non-)resident experts

Everybody ought to know their cyber guardians. Yours, as expected, eat, sleep, and breathe threat detection and response. Team members have over 10 years of experience, on average, and even our most junior analyst has detected and responded to 300+ threats.

Managed Detection and Response at Rapid7

MDR: Service Overview

In this video, Wade Woolwine, director of managed services at Rapid7, breaks down the people, processes, and technology that make up the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

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[Managed detection and response (MDR) services] aim to remove the burden from clients of having to figure out 'what method or device to use' for a security monitoring and response capability. MDR services focus on specific outcomes—threat detection, with 24/7 monitoring and alerting, and remote incident investigation and response included in the end-to-end service.
Gartner, Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services (May 2016)